By Dr. Mazin Dhafir
November 23, 2020
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Is a skin rash making you uncomfortable? At Dr. Mazin Dhafir's office in West Seneca, NY, this dermatologist diagnoses and treat all kinds of rashes. Don't suffer. Learn about these common dermatological problems.

What is a skin rash?

A skin rash is any change in skin color and texture. It may be flaky, bumpy, red or discolored. Rashes may ooze or itch. It may be harmless or become infected, threatening your overall health. Other rashes are anaphylactic reactions to allergens, Lyme Disease or even skin cancer. In West Seneca, Dr. Dhafir recommends you come in when your rash does not resolve within a week to 10 days or if you have a fever, pain or open sores.

10 common skin rashes

  1. Hives is an allergic reaction to animal dander, pollen, fabrics or other allergens that are touched, inhaled or ingested. Itchy and quickly spreading, these red, raised skin wheels improve with cool clothes, antihistamines and steroidal creams.
  2. Impetigo is a Staph infection in children. Its brown, scaly patches respond to oral or topical antibiotic therapy.
  3. Painful shingles is a red, bumpy rash that may occur anywhere on the body. It is dangerous on the face as the varicella-zoster virus invades the eyes. Analgesics and oral or topical steroids reduce symptom severity.
  4. Contact dermatitis is an itchy, red rash that develops after touching poison ivy or oak, metal jewelry and make-up. Scratching worsens the condition. Topical corticosteroid cream reduces itching and inflammation.
  5. An autoimmune disorder, rosacea is a red, raised rash that may have tiny broken blood vessels at its surface. Often a butterfly pattern across the cheeks and bridge of the nose, rosacea flares up and diminishes and never truly resolves. Your dermatologist may prescribe antibiotics.
  6. Interigo is a red to brown rash in skin folds under the breasts or on the abdomen. This itchy rash may become infected. Corticosteroid creams reduce inflammation.
  7. Prickly heat is a bumpy red rash. Sweat plugs pores, leaving the skin itchy and sore. Applying cold compresses and well-ventilated clothing reduces the irritation.
  8. Psoriasis is characterized by patches of itchy, scaly skin, affecting elbows, face and backs of the knees. Corticosteroid cream calms symptoms. According to EverydayHealth, psoriasis affects 7. 5 million Americans. The plaques originate with the immune system and may cause arthritis symptoms.
  9. Athlete's foot and jock itch are fungal infections targeting the feet and genital area. Dermatophytes in warm, moist areas of the body cause a red, bumpy, itchy rash. These problems respond well to prescription or over the counter topical ointments.
  10. Cellulitis is a deep infection of the epidermis and hypodermis. Local symptoms include a red, puffy rash that is warm to the touch. This staph or strep infection may produce fever and chills and may require IV or oral antibiotics.

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