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February 12, 2019
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It's hard to concentrate on work, school, or your favorite activity when you have an itchy, red rash. Fortunately, your West Seneca, NY, Rashdermatologist, Dr. Mazin Dhafir, offers treatments that can help relieve your uncomfortable symptoms.


Why do I have a rash?

Rashes can occur for many reasons. Contact dermatitis, one of the most common types of rashes, happens when your skin comes in contact with an allergen or irritant. Allergens and irritants that can cause a rash include:

  • Cosmetics and skincare products
  • Harsh soaps
  • Water (you're more likely to develop contact dermatitis if you must wash your hands often during the day.)
  • Poison ivy, oak, or sumac
  • Foods
  • Latex gloves
  • Chemicals
  • Jewelry


You may also develop a rash if you have:

  • Atopic Dermatitis: Commonly known as eczema, atopic dermatitis causes dry, red skin; itching; thickened skin; and raised bumps that ooze clear fluid. Although the condition is particularly common in children, it can occur at any age.
  • An Infection: Rashes can accompany bacterial, viral, or fungal infections.
  • Hives: Hives appear suddenly, covering your body with itchy red welts. The welts can be caused by allergic reactions to medications, foods, or insect bites. Some people notice them after exercising or exposure to cold or hot temperatures.
  • Psoriasis: Red patches and scales form on your skin due to the rapid growth of skin cells if you have psoriasis. The condition may also cause cracked skin, itching, and burning.
  • Acne: Although most people associate acne with their teenage years, it can occur at any time in your life. When acne doesn't respond to over-the-counter treatment, it's a good idea to visit your West Seneca skin doctor.


How do dermatologists treat rashes?

Treatment depends on the cause of the rash. After examining your rash, your doctor may recommend a skin biopsy or allergy test to confirm the diagnosis or determine the source of the rash.

If your rash is caused by an allergen or irritant, your dermatologist may recommend lifestyle changes, in addition to providing prescription topical or oral medication. Medications may also be helpful if you have atopic dermatitis, an infection, psoriasis, acne, or another skin condition. In some cases, laser therapy may help keep your condition under control.


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